Brush strokes

Kiko brushesA make-up artist once told me that with the right brushes, even cheap cosmetics can look really good. Obviously, you have to know how to apply them too, but a good set of brushes is a great investment.

I’ve been testing out a new set of make-up brushes by Italian company Kiko, who’ve recently opened up in the UK. There are 22 brushes in the range and they’re all hand-made and use a mixture of synthetic and natural hair. The brushes are carefully shaped to suit different types of cosmetic and areas of your face.

My favourites include the blusher/bronzer brush (Face 103, £13.90), which is specially shaped to define cheekbones; the flat foundation brush (Face 105, £14.90), which ensures even coverage; eyeshadow brush 201 (£10.90), with a slanted cut so you can blend shadows on lower and upper lid.