No more pillow smudges

As a beauty journo I get to try a lot of eye make-up removers, and they seem to fall into two camps: either water-based, nice and gentle and non-greasy, but don’t always remove waterproof make-up perfectly, or they’re oil-based, take off your stubborn make-up but can leave your skin greasy. So you have to choose between imperfectly removed make-up or oily skin, and both can leave black smudges on your pillow.

So I tried out the new Nurture Bi-Phase eye make-up remover (£6.95, 50ml, ) without much expectation. It’s fragrance-free, which I like, and doesn’t sting your eyes. But the best thing about it is that it whisks away all your eye make-up, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara, without rubbing and it leaves not a trace of greasiness! I am impressed.



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